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  • who are you: Raytheicecreamman
  • irc nick: Emperor_of_Ice_Cream
  • what do you work on // what do you want to work on: Today_I_Learned, [Education], SudoKidS
  • what hours do you usually work: dream time
  • if you have a conflict with me, how should you approach me?: Talk to me, pls.
  • what resources do you have to offer?: instructional design, education, fluency in geek and human, mad culinary skills, ice cream, and raw power.
  • workshops/classes you'd like to lead or have lead in the past: Vanilla: Bean to Ice Cream
  • what would you want to learn/what classes would you want to take?: what do ya got?
  • what equipment would you be interested in?: welding equipment, chromatography, electron microscope,
  • what else would you like to share about yourself? I am starting an ice cream empire and a motorcycle gang.