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== Current Projects at SudoRoom ==
== Current Projects at SudoRoom ==

* [[GameHacking]] 
* Today I learned - Oct 11, 2014 - Creating FUN Games with Open Source! [https://sudoroom.org/events/today-we-learned-creating-learning-games-with-belle/ Event link]
* Today I learned - Oct 11, 2014 - Creating FUN Games with Open Source! [https://sudoroom.org/events/today-we-learned-creating-learning-games-with-belle/ Event link]

''Doge needs more projects!''
''Doge needs more projects!''
* [[SudoBelle]] Visual novel game, this version can be ported as html5 and played in web browsers. Will be used to get folks to learn SudoRoom, have fun, become better animals, and learn how to contribute to [[SudoMesh]] and the world

== Older Projects ==
== Older Projects ==

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DOGE so charm rps t-shirt hacker cool


Current Projects at SudoRoom

Doge needs more projects!

Older Projects

SudoRoom: A Love Story (Game)
  • SudoRoom: A Love Story a visual novel game about a person that is... you! who comes to SudoRoom and discovers all the neat things you can do. You eventually learn how to save the world too!
  • ArtMakingParty event we put on after the Oakland First Friday
  • Super Focus Club SudoRoom is a hackerspace, a place created for hacking. Lately it's gotten very tough for hackers to actually hack here -- we're getting pulled to do publicity for outside companies, social work, and more instead of actually hacking. Let's get back to the basics.

I didn't study engineering at all. But during the MicroController Hack Night Hol and others helped me to get my basic FSR (force sensitive resistor) working. Every time I pressed the sensor with my fingers, the LED lit up. This can lead to all sorts of interesting projects!
The first time I came to SudoRoom I was warmly welcomed. I build my own Arduino and lit up the LED for the first time! It was a special moment
Sudo Room Characters (that is an ohm, not a lululemon logo. will change it =) )


I like to build things. I prefer hack nights and doing stuff to tech talks.

Sudo Room


  • I love living in Oakland.
  • favor collaboration and doocracy. Please work with me on the sudoroom github - http://github.com/sudoroom
  • beginning apprentice snowboarding and skateboarding, journeying by hanging out with various dysfunctional pugs
Sudo Room
Sudo Room again!

Random Stuff

  • One of my friends Joe Reagle Wrote a nice book on collaboration in Wikipedia. He outlines a lot of interesting situations and ways people resolve conflict on Wikipedia. It might be useful to people in an open source hackerspace as well. "http://reagle.org/joseph/2010/gfc/"
  • When I lived in Berlin I would often eat at Volkskuechen, which are these punk rock dinners that cost a $1. The emphasis was on making food, not buying it from a restaurant, or scavenging by dumpster diving. The food was usually better than what you got in restaurants. The focus was on creating cheap, healthy ways to eat food together. There were no book deals or bloggers or "thought leaders" people just did it http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuntenhaus_(Berlin)
  • C-Base in berlin themes itself as a crashed spaceship. Maybe sudo room would be interested in creating some kind of grand narrative. http://www.c-base.org when I think of sudo i think of grumpy unix sysadmins who look like the comic books store guy from the simpsons. maybe it could be like elvis!