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Born and raised in Westchester County, New York, I resided there for over three decades. I am grateful for the experience I was provided to enjoy small, "protected", bedroom communities during my childhood and my young adulthood where I dutifully followed the urging of my 1950s-indoctrinated parents and conservative church leaders and married relatively young and raised a daughter of my own.

During this time, I made the best choices I could to honor and express the intelligent, creative, inventive, loving, visionary being I know myself to be and to do so without making too many waves within the strict, insecure and out-dated constraints of those who insisted, usually through intimidation and force, that they were in charge. I spent many years struggling against my own personal oppression and repression.

Today, I am a better person for having weathered those struggles. In spite of many imposed limitations on my overall development, my professional and academic accomplishments span from the impressive to the exemplary. I am currently addressing the long-neglected psycho-social and emotional aspects of my development that will benefit from experiencing greater diversity, especially with regard to increased compassion and open-minded encouragement. I appreciate the help and patience of all in this regard. I have come to understand the importance of this and continually work to practice and demonstrate my newly developing skills to the best of my ability. Like all of us, I am a work in progress. When asked, "What is your project?" or "What are you working on?", I have learned to answer, "I'm hacking my Self. I'm rebuilding myself to be better, faster, stronger…and more compassionate, more loving, more giving."

In the mid 1980s, as a young teenager, I was beta-testing software and providing tech support, as well as writing code, at a small mom and pop retail operation when PCs were first arriving on the scene. I remained for 10 years, on and off, while attending high school and later college. I learned this small business from soup to nuts, including all bookkeeping and administrative functions, and pioneered many of the systems and procedures that were implemented over time.

To be continued...

In October of 2013, I came to the Bay Area for the first time my diverse background and experience includes: