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Short version

Data science, ergonomics, typography, toilets, data gastronomy, free software, pretend-ironic buzzwords and the color pink.

Longer version

Thomas Levine has been playing with computers since he was young. In the process, he developed back and wrist pain. Then he started studying ergonomics. After some study, his back and wrist hurt less, but he continued doing ergonomics research and went to school for ergonomics. By studying computers and ergonomics, he accidentally became a data scientist. He likes using data to make peoples’ jobs run more smoothly. He also has a band called CSV Soundsystem that makes music from spreadsheets.

Complicated version

Thomas Levine likes to help people make things work more smoothly. When he was a young child, he built assembly lines for fun. He only realized that this was weird in college as he was refactoring a process for piling snow onto a snow fort. Tom apparently knows how to improve human processes, and that’s nice, but he recently has found it easier to replace them entirely with computers.

While it’s nice that Tom can make things more efficient, he suspects that improving efficiency is more efficiently accomplished when he teaches other people to make things more efficient more efficiently. Tom thinks that this explains why he does ergonomics research and data science. (By the way, Tom is known to do ergonomics research and data science, and he means to write a satisfying definition of those concepts eventually.)