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voip phones on the network

extension/name/ip address - description

7836/5ud0r00m/ - that's us at sudoroom :)

3667/door/ - frontdoor "pay"phone

225/ccl/ - counter culture labs [not online]

782/pub/ - public terminals admin omniphonix http://innomedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/MTA-6328-2Re-DS.pdf 00:10:99:04:b7:ef

when you plug into its LAN port it gives you dhcp, you can go to


  1. Disconnect to WAN ( no internet).
  2. Connect the gizmo via WAN to computer and login to it using user id
    id=user, pass=welcome
  3. cut and paste the following link aninter desktop computer & giant_robot_arm serial host]]
    | jake d press enter to Restore factory default
  4. power cycle the gizmo and login to admin link with factory default password.
    id=admin, pass=slapshot (for V3.0.77, V3.0.75)
  5. Disable Provisioning
    Menu--IP Network ---Provisioning Setting
  6. Change username and password!