Work Stations

This is an attempt to document the tools and capabilities that exist at sudoroom so that people can read up on how to use these tools, and also know which projects are feasible.

Check out the Active Projects that are ongoing at sudoroom to see how people are using these tools.

General Work Bench

Item Date Description
Ryobi BS904G 9in Band Saw 2022-04-24
Central Machinery Floor Drill Press 2022-04-24
Emco Compact 5 Lathe 2022-04-24
Craftsman 8in Drill Press 1/3HP 2022-04-24 5-speed, 1/2in Chuck, Table tilts 0-45 degrees
Ryobi BGH827 8in Bench Grinder 2022-04-24
Craftsman 4" Belt sander, 6" Disc sander 2022-04-24

Printing Station

The Printing station has its own page.

Item Date Description
Type-A Machine 2022-04-24
TAZ3 Printer 2022-04-24

Laser Cutting Station

We've got a big red laser and we're not afraid to use it!

Electronics Station

Appliances & Other Major Equipment

Item Date Description
LeCroy 9314M Oscilloscope 2022-04-24
HP 34401A Multimeter 2022-04-24
HP 53132A 255MHz Universal Counter 2022-04-24
HP 8782B 1-250MHz Vector Signal Generator 2022-04-24
HP 3577A 5Hz-200MHz Network Analyzer 2022-04-24
HP 54645D 100MHz 2x16 Channels Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 2022-04-24
LeCroy LW420 400Ms/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator 2022-04-24
Yasnac FC1 FLOPPY DISC TRANSFER UNIT 2022-04-24 Is this trash?
HP 4271B 1MHz Digital LCR Meter 2022-04-24 The 4271B is a 1 MHz LCR Meter from Agilent. An LCR meter is a piece of electronic test equipment that measures inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of electronic components. The LCR meter accurately measures these elements on an electronic device, usually one subjected to an alternating current (AC) voltage source. The LCR meter measures the current through and voltage across the device under test.
HP70000 System: Spectrum Analyzer, 70004A Display 2022-04-24
HP 5087A Distribution Amplifier 2022-04-24
HP 8642B Signal Generator 0.1-2100MHz 2022-04-24
HP 11713A Attenuator/Switch Driver 2022-04-24
Wavetek Sweep/Signal Generator model 2000 2022-04-24
Tektronix 2213 60MHz Oscilloscope 2022-04-24
Keithley 168 Autoranging DMM 2022-04-24
blp Model 3634 2022-04-24 (Power supply?)
Cole-Parmer Stirrer Model 4815 2022-04-24 Functions normally as of Feb 27, 2013 ~PB
Lambda LK-343A - FM Regulated Power Supply 0-36 V/0-9 A 2022-04-24
Lambda LK-343 2022-04-24
Heath Schlumberger Model SP-2730 2022-04-24 7.5V, 10A Power Supply
Global Specialties Corporation 8001 Scope Multiplexer 2022-04-24
Fluke 8920A True RMS Voltmeter 2022-04-24
Shenzhen Mastech HY3005D-3 DC Power Supply 2022-04-24 DC Power Supply
Shenzhen Mastech HY3003D-3 DC Power Supply 2022-04-24
Bellco Glass Rocker Platform 2022-04-24
Hakko ACE Model No. 481 Desoldering Tool 2022-04-24
YiHua 992DA Soldering Rework Station 2022-04-24
Sorensen Q-Nobatron QR18-1.5A DC Amplifier 2022-04-24
BK Precision 2831A 2022-04-24

Unknown Use

Item Date Description
Balston 74-5041 Lab Gas Generator 2022-04-24 The Parker model 74-5041NA FT-IR Purge Gas Generator is specifically designed for use with FT-IR spectrometers to provide a purified purge and air bearing gas supply from compressed air. The Parker model 74- 5041NA provides instruments with CO2 -free compressed air at less than -100°F (-73°C) dew point with no suspended impurities larger than 0.01 micron 24 hours/day, 7 days/ week.
YASNAC ERC K10S Industrial Robot Controller 2022-04-24