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Mitch Altman donated a lot of Zilog microcontroller hardware, in addition to a lot of Cornfield Electronics hardware that is based on it (TV-B-Gone universal remote controls, sleep masks, lucid dreaming masks, trip glasses) and a bunch of programming and emulation hardware.


This page should be updated with more detail of what Sudoroom has and where it's stored, in case someone wants to access this stuff or buy it from sudoroom.

There is a colorful cardboard box in the middle metal cabinet (on the North side of sudoroom) containing a Zilog programmer and a bunch of socket adaptors for different chip packages. There is also a tiny tupperware in the box containing the following:

  • two P87C750EBFFA UV-eraseable chips
  • six Z86E0812PSC (one time programmable?)
  • eight Z86E0408PSC (one time programmable? already programmed?)
  • six Z86E0208PSC (one time programmable?)

  • Jake has a taped-together bundle of two hundred and forty P87C52SBPN (datasheet) 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 80C51 8K/256 OTP 16MHZ
240 zilog chips.jpg