[sudo-access] who is editing the access file anonymously?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Jan 21 00:01:29 PST 2016

> Josiah is a CCL member. It is very important that he have access as he 
> teaches classes. I don't know who's forgetting to add the collective, 
> but I will remind CCL folk to remember.

I added CCL to his line manually.

> It will all happen via sudo humans web app at some point but until then 
> those are good ideas.

I tried pretty hard to add prompts to grant_access_to_last_attempt.js but 
I was unable to do so, i can't figure out how to ask the user for a line 
of text in node, and the internet doesn't say (i need blocking :)

my plan was to make grant_access_to_last_attempt.js ASK the person running 
it "and who are you?" and then "of which collective is this person a 

and then it will store that.  It's much more likely to work than asking 
people to enter the right data on the commandline, or expect them to use 
vim etc.

so can someone help me add prompts to grant_access_to_last_attempt.js ??


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