[sudo-access] changes to doorjam git branches

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Apr 5 14:05:29 PDT 2017

thanks Yar!

the ledstrip branch would be specifically about the arduino code that runs on
the hardware controlling the door latch.  It was in use briefly, to provide
colored LED status lights indicating what was happening, including indicating
the movement of the motor winding the vertical stick up and down that held the
door shut.

hopefully soon someone will mount the door-opener motor and we'll have some new
code to add.  people will be able to opt in to having the door automatically
open when their card is swiped.  there will also be a handicapped door-opener
button that will do that if any card has been swiped or if the door is set to
"unlocked" mode.


On Wed, 5 Apr 2017, Yardena Cohen wrote:

> This repo was a mess with many dangling branches and un-committed
> code. With some merging magic, I created a new 'master' branch which
> all previous branches can fast-forward to, and updated the ref names
> on both the door computer and github. I also committed the code which
> has been running live for several months, so github now reflects
> reality.
> I added some things to the gitignore file (node_modules, etc) -
> otherwise no checked out files are changed. Only the git refs.
> https://github.com/sudoroom/doorjam
> There remains one unmerged branch, called "ledstrip", which is very
> old (2014) and I didn't want to deal with that.
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