[sudo-access] keeping front door unlatched for "entry hall building permit"

David Keenan dkeenan44 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 16:49:51 PST 2017

Hi guys,

Omg. Thank you all so much for working on this!

(CC'ing Maureen & Yar who are planning to meet up with me & Tara Monday, to
talk about our longer-term accessibility plan).

Fwiw I don't know if the keycard access is ADA-compliant or not. If I had
to guess, I suspect it is compliant since folks swipe at grocery stores and
other mandatory-accessible places -- and as long the swipe is not mounted
too high up, which I don't think it is -- but, I've never looked into that
specifically so I can't say for. Something to look up.

I can't think of anything non-compliant about having a locked door,
openable by the electronic / swipe system. IE my understanding is, when the
card is swiped, the throw is engaged and the door can be opened by just
pushing down on the handle. The outstanding issue is likely the amount of
force required to then open the door which last I checked was

On this tip BTW I also went over this week and renewed our associated,
recently expired electrical E permit that I realized would have also
prevented us from finalling this B permit (I think we forgot to extend the
electrical with the building permit so it expired, cost to renew: $205) so
now there is no block in that respect either..

Our new/old E permit for the record: ​
 E1700088 Elec Permit ext.of E1601588_2017-01-04...
Yay, the signs arrived? Joe, that's great! I don't think I ever heard back
as to whether they were ordered so I'm relieved to hear it -

Re: fulfilling the entryway accessibility requirements in general, first it
might be a good idea to briefly skim the B permit's accessibility worksheet
as submitted (quick): ​
 Accessibility Worksheet - cafe area - FINAL AS ...
Some things on this worksheet we're not gonna do right now, like the
kickplate for example -- since, even if we have it on hand (which I think
we do?) installation makes little sense to me at least without the
automatic opener it's supposed to activate -- while installing a
nonfunctional button like this would actually open us up to increased
liability, compared to not having it..

But hopefully the signage will allow us to schedule the final inspection,
close our sole open complaint and then finally be done with it :)

It should be said though that, since as I understand it, we will now have
accessibility signage outside advertising the corner door an accessible
entrance, we are at significantly increased risk of accessibility or code
complaint, since the corner door is not yet actually legally accessible.

The most noticeable aspects being: last I checked:

..still >5lb opening pressure for the wider door,

..>2% grade in the front landing, and

..the sidelight door is also very hard to open (i think the closer is
mis-adjusted for that smaller door)

Therefore, IMO with the signs up we really do have to make that door
actually accessible ie install an automatic opener --

Earlier this year, I got a quote on that for materials & labor (primarily
in order to help Mary Ann prepare for an accessibility grant): ​
 Platform Lifts & Opener Quote LAS 2016-11-07.pdf
The 'Open Sesame' opener listed in the above quote is $2800 -- half of that
cost is labor, warranty, code compliance stuff. (The other stuff is to e.g.
replace our residential platform lift with a commercial one, if the one
jerry had stored for us is no longer available..) I do hear these openers
break down all the time so it might be worth it but we should think about
getting this done IMO.

To this end I would propose if we have any extra funds (such as from the
excess ~$30K from the $1M stock donation?), we have these contractors out
to install the opener and then we no longer need to worry about having a
genuinely accessible front entrance since it will provide equivalent
accommodation re: the opening force & exterior grade.

my 2c -

Thank you Joe!!


On Fri, Jan 6, 2017 at 3:11 PM, joseph liesner <blue393 at lmi.net> wrote:

> yes  Jake, that is a very nice option to have.  Robb does not think
> we need to do that for our inspection next week . What do you think David?
> I'll check further and let you  Jake, know if we  need to use that option.
> Thanks so much
> joe
> On Jan 6, 2017, at 12:05 PM, Jake wrote:
> Joe,
> do you mean you want the door to remain unlocked for certain periods of
> time?
> we can program the computer to simply keep the latch activated for hours
> at a
> time, that's easy.
> -jake
> On Fri, 6 Jan 2017, joseph liesner wrote:
> I am about to start hanging the access signs required
> to close out our entry hall building permit.
> I can only assume that for the inspection the access
> door on the corner of Shattuck and 48th should open
> just by holding the lever handle down then pulling
> (no key or card needed).
> Please let me know how to make this possible.
> Thanks
> joe
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