[sudo-access] help build a motorized front-door opener for omni commons

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Jan 19 15:23:23 PST 2017

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I just want to bump this thread and see if anyone is available to work on the
physical aspects of the door opener I describe below, and as shown in this


I am willing to do the electronics part of it and make it work with our
existing system, but I would like others to help with the building of a bracket
to hold the motor in place over the door, and the woodwork and nuts&bolts of
making the 2x2 stick with steel cable attached to it.


On Tue, 17 Jan 2017, Jake wrote:

> the wheelchair motor that Robb wanted to use for a projection screen
> raise/lower thing is something else.
> The motor I want to use for the front door opener is this one:
> http://imgur.com/gallery/MLuT7
> it's in sudoroom in a milk crate.  Robb and I remove the wheel and the tire,
> and now it's ready for the motor to be mounted on a bracket that will hold it
> in the right place, which is slightly higher than the top of the door, and
> basically 2' south of the door's hinges.
> then, a 2x2 of wood will attach to the top corner of the door with a hinge, 
> and
> it will have a cord of this rubber-wrapped steel cable (which I have) go from
> one end of the 2x2 to the other, taking a couple of turns around the motor
> wheel.  It will look like this:
> http://spaz.org/~jake/pix/omnidoormotor1.png
> as you can see from this diagram, when the motor turns its wheel clockwise 
> (as
> viewed from above) the 2x2 stick will be pushed in the direction that opens 
> the
> door.  If it's not clear, the rubber-wrapped steel cable (shown in red/black
> stripes) is attached to the 2x2 stick at both ends, but it makes a couple of
> turns around the wheel of the motor on its way.
> anyway, i chose this motor because when it's not being energized with
> electricity, it's free-moving which means it won't interfere with regular 
> door
> movement.  But when we activate it, it will be strong enough to open or close
> the door as we tell it to do.
> The issues you mention about battery backup are not a problem.  We already 
> have
> a battery backup for the front door card (and soon RFID) access system, and
> this motorized thing will be battery-backed as well.
> I am willing to do the electrical part of this project, and I have already
> acquired the rubber-coated steel cable and motor, but I ask that other people
> take care of mounting the motor on a suitable frame above the door and help
> make the 2x2 stick on a hinge which will attach to the door.
> I will be at sudoroom tomorrow night (tuesday night at 7) in case anyone 
> wants
> to meet with me about this.
> -jake
> On Mon, 16 Jan 2017, David Keenan wrote:
>> I remember hearing about that wheelchair motor -- if it's the same one,
>> last I heard Robb had wanted to use it to raise/lower a projection screen
>> for the stage..? So I didn't think of it for this project, but if we can
>> use it and save ourselves some money, that's great!
>> I realize you may have already considered this aspect but as a DIY opener
>> will also need to comply with code requirements, do you think you can
>> design a system measurably compliant with:
>> - opening / closing force (<5lb) and speed (max. *N* seconds to close)
>> requirements throughout the swing, during automatic operation and manual
>> operation per ANSI/BHMA A156.19 for low-energy-operated doors, ICC A117.1,
>> ADA and whatever may be found in CBC?
>> - req'd UPS / backup battery power for opener, for *N* many operations
>> (need to look it up)
>> - compliant location of upper and lower door actuators (buttons), assume
>> this will be no issue
>> If it's helpful, here is a decent article I found that glosses the subject
>> of codes for low-energy openers:
>> http://www.constructionspecifier.com/understanding-new-accessibility-requirements-for-doors/
>> <http://www.constructionspecifier.com/understanding-new-accessibility-requirements-for-doors/>
>> Given the above, and I realize I only now just brought this up to you, but
>> I guess my only concern about any DIY implementation is, if you / access
>> group has the time to implement it relatively soon..? E.g., do you think it
>> might be possible to complete in the next 2-3 weeks or so..?
>> I realize perhaps that is an unfair question to ask before you've really
>> started hacking on it, but I'm also trying to be realistic and pragmatic
>> wrt to how busy everyone is and the understandably extended timelines of
>> volunteer labor in general that comprises the bulk of omni efforts --
>> If after reviewing the door req's, you think a DIY system is doable in the
>> next 2-3 wks, let me know how / when I can help hack on this and I will
>> follow up with you and access control group directly -- and perhaps we can
>> set a date to meet up about it?
>> Best,
>> David
>> On Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 12:20 AM, Maureen Muldavin <muldavin.m at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> If you are working on RFID cards any possibility that the entrance to
>>> sudo/ccl could get a card reader? Been wanting access control for
>>> awhile.
>>> On Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 11:46 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:
>>>> i brought in a wheelchair motor a while ago that I think could be made
>>> into
>>>> a
>>>> power door-opener pretty well.
>>>> I can work on a proof-of-concept for that and then be able to show you
>>> what
>>>> I
>>>> mean, and then we can see if it will be good enough for our needs as
>>> opposed
>>>> to
>>>> spending $2800 on a "proper" door opener.
>>>> as for the RFID cards, Alex and I have been working on implementing the
>>> card
>>>> reader thing for a little while and I think I can add it to the front
>>> door
>>>> pretty relatively easily.., and I guess i'll do that first, rather than
>>>> trying
>>>> to do a storage closet first?
>>>> as always, if anyone wants to participate in this process they should
>>>> definitely jump in, otherwise it's subject to my chaotic schedule.
>>>> technical questions about making this happen should be sent to the access
>>>> list
>>>> and possibly the sudoroom list, but probably not the building list as it
>>>> will
>>>> be a major distraction if we get into the weeds of microcontroller boards
>>>> and
>>>> door server code...
>>>> also, yes I do have the box of RFID stuff you ordered and i've been
>>> working
>>>> on
>>>> it~
>>>> -jake
>>>> On Sun, 15 Jan 2017, David Keenan wrote:
>>>>> Hi Jake / access control folks -
>>>>> So now that our front door is publicly labelled as accessible, we need
>>> to
>>>>> install an automatic door opener & remote button (kickplate &
>>> hand-height
>>>>> or a long bar) to make it legal.
>>>>> Reason I bring this up to you guys is, the opener system will need to
>>>>> integrate into our existing/future access control somehow. The quote I
>>> got
>>>>> is $2800 (50% parts, 50% labor) for a package including the Open Sesame
>>>>> Model 233 (brochure
>>>>> <http://www.opensesamedoor.com/index_htm_files/open_sesame_brochure.pdf
>>>> ,
>>>>> spec
>>>>> sheet <http://www.opensesamedoor.com/index_htm_files/specs_model233.pdf
>>>> ),
>>>>> made in San Leandro.
>>>>> Also, some of us met last week re: sketching out Omni's accessibility
>>>>> plan,
>>>>> and Yar suggested this might be a good time to also implement RFID
>>> system
>>>>> for the front door, if that was possible? In part because, proximity to
>>> an
>>>>> RFID fob is more accessible than a card swipe which (after thinking
>>> about
>>>>> it) I realized requires a pincing motion that is likely not ADA...
>>> because
>>>>> of the excessive door opening pressure and iffy slope on the front
>>>>> landing,
>>>>> we need an RFID & auto-opener.
>>>>> So -- I'm not sure if any more work has been done on the RFID systems I
>>>>> put
>>>>> in sudo a little while ago (stashed in under-stair storage area), might
>>> it
>>>>> be possible to integrate these into the door opener? I note in the
>>>>> brochure
>>>>> they offer a keypad access option - perhaps an opportunity for 2-factor
>>>>> authentication like Marc had talked about? Anyhow what do you guys
>>> think?
>>>>> I apologize for not helping y'all more with a better access control
>>> system
>>>>> (helping spaces post-ghostship consumed my bandwidth), but as there is
>>> now
>>>>> renewed pressure I want to help as I can. Would installing a trial
>>>>> RFID/throw on the Omni Office for example still be helpful towards
>>> getting
>>>>> this nailed down? Lmk
>>>>> Fwiw - I see the opener as pressing at this point not just 'cause its
>>> long
>>>>> overdue, but because every day our front door is labelled as accessible
>>>>> when it's technically not, is actually a not-insignificant liability
>>> issue
>>>>> (accessibility lawsuit). Plus of course, we are still under scrutiny by
>>>>> the
>>>>> city, nimby neighbors trying to call us out for bogus reasons, etc etc.
>>>>> And
>>>>> per building code the front door must be made fully accessible before
>>> any
>>>>> other accessibility work starts on the rest of the building - at some
>>>>> point
>>>>> an inspector's gonna notice since they all go through that door..anyhow.
>>>>> Let me know how myself & those of us working on accessibility might be
>>>>> able
>>>>> to help -
>>>>> Best,
>>>>> David
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