[sudo-access] Please code the following cards for the front door

Kazoo lovekazoo at gmail.com
Thu May 3 17:37:18 PDT 2018

Hello Sudo!

This is Kazoo from ABDC. We have two new people working out of the studio
who are going to take over organizing it if we are approved for the Utility
Screen Printing Studio. Can you please code the cards that were swiped
today at 4:56pm, 4:57pm, and 5:27pm? My card got deactivated because it was
sitting on some magnets.

Kazoo's card: 4:56pm - Swiped 5 times
Vienna's card: 4:57pm - Swiped 6 times
Johniquewa's card 5:27pm - Swiped 10 times in each direction

Thank you!

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Kazoo Studios East
(415) 295-2966
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