[sudo-announce] Meeting Wednesday 2021-05-12 7pm

Charles E. Lehner cel at celehner.com
Tue May 11 05:58:58 PDT 2021

Dear Sudoers:

Please join me for a Sudo Room meeting this Wednesday, May 12th.
Time: 7pm PDT (10pm EDT, 2:00 UTC).

The meeting's audio will be bridged between Jitsi and Mumble.

Join either the Jitsi room (video optional):

or the Mumble channel (audio only):

Meeting notes will be put in this document before copying to the wiki:

Please edit the meeting notes document to add agenda items.

I will monitor the IRC channel in case anyone needs help joining the meeting:

Thanks all for continuing to support and believe in Sudo Room.

More info:
- https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Meetings
- https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mumble
- https://sudoroom.org/wiki/IRC

Charles E. Lehner (~cel)

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