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Thu Feb 1 09:05:21 PST 2018

Hey sudoers, 
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Have you been dying to help build the People's Open Network, but aren't sure where to start. Maybe you've heard about our mysterious node mounts, but don't have a smartphone or aren't part of some __super secretive chat group__. Or perhaps you'd just like help selecting a local ISP for your new apartment. Fear not, we're here to help. 
Starting this Sunday, Feb. 4th, SudoMesh be holding regular "office hours" on Sunday afternoons in SudoRoom. Running loosely from 1pm until late afternoon or early evening, this time serves dual purpose: 
1. A jumping off point for people interested helping with a scheduled Sunday node mount, but who are not able to attend a Tuesday night meeting or are not "in the know." 
2. A friendly, non-confrontational time for new people to get oriented to the project or just ask general questions about networking, the internet, and their service provider. 
Finally, when either of these purposes are not present (i.e. no node mount, no new people), we will use the time to hold training sessions on a topic of choice, conduct outreach to potential node locations, address finances and purchasing, or tackle any other outstanding issues. 
For this Sunday, we do not have a scheduled node mount yet and do not expect new people (since this just now being announced). Instead, we will be doing basic training on how lead or participate in a node mount. We will also be contacting and scheduling our existing list of node requests. 
If you'd like to help out, stop by SudoRoom on Sunday, Feb. 4th, around 1pm. 
Thanks and hope to see y'all on Sundays, 

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