[sudo-discuss] omni wifi going up and down constantly

Yardena Cohen yardenack at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 10:00:25 PST 2018

I think I fixed this - can you try again?

When we first set up the new router we had the same problem and solved
it with an iptables rule to let DHCP traffic in & out which had been
blocked before. The evidence is really obvious if you type journalctl
on the router - you see a stream of error messages like:

Feb 07 09:50:00 saros dhcpd[976]: send_packet: Operation not permitted
Feb 07 09:50:00 saros dhcpd[976]: dhcp.c:3903: Failed to send 300 byte
long packet over fallback interface.

When writing the rules into a file to make it permanent, I tried to be
too clever and added ' -o !enp3s0' to the rule because I thought, "who
wants to send DHCP to the WAN anyway? What could possibly go wrong!"

Then last week I rebooted the router, the new rules took effect, and
the extra '-o !enp3s0' caused the rule to fail (still not sure why),
thus blocking crucial DHCP traffic again. As soon as I replaced the
rule just now with a simpler one, the error messages stopped.

tl;dr my fault for being too secure sorry

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