[sudo-discuss] Fwd: Hey sudoroom Digital DNA Anarchist public art project will be destroy on feb 23 .....urgent

Adriana Varella adrianavarella at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 19 09:09:34 PST 2018

> Hey comrades 
> My name is Adrians I’m an anarchist artist and my public art project ddna 
> http://www.adrianavarella.net/digital-dna
> Will be destroy by a ex mayor and a developer in PAlo Alto this week 
> They created a lot of lies and did a lot of things to try to destroy this work and me and a hacker friend of mine we have now all the documents we need to prove it 
> I have a pro bono lawyer working with me but I want to hear from you about this 
> I would like to meet you for a thoughts and advices before the protest We ( occupy Palo Alto + friends of DDna )  trying organize for feb 23 
> I live in NY but I’m here from today until feb 26 / Can i go at your next meeting? Or 
> Let me know a good time to talk with you 
> Also I really wanna know more about your project 
> In solidarity and anarchy
> Adriana 
> or you can call me black 
> My phone number is 3478560334 
> Hope talk with you 
> Cheers 
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> Sent from my iPhone
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