[sudo-discuss] Vending machine feedback

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Feb 22 17:42:53 PST 2018

wow, great work!  I'm gonna have to put some money in to see what it sounds
like!  i heard the audio tracks are really good

On Thu, 22 Feb 2018, Thomas Levine wrote:

> The vending machine now provides some more feedback after money is put in.
> Source code associated with my contribution is here. I haven't documented
> the other components of the vending machine.
> https://thomaslevine.com/scm/sudo-vending
> Based on the implementation details, it appears to me that
> the bill acceptor is in fact plugged into one board (Arduino Leonardo)
> that is connected by serial to another board (Raspberry Pi). Why is
> the former board used at all? That is, why is the bill acceptor not
> plugged directly into the latter board?
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