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Mon Feb 26 11:23:32 PST 2018

Jake I have printed 100% of the time from that machine from SD card with 
excellent results after minor setting tweaks.  Sorry if you have not had 
good luck.  Does the new firmware disable this feature or make it more 

Either way thank you for putting in the time to fix it and I'll happily 
use either method going forward.

On 2018-02-23 15:52, Jake wrote:
> I uploaded the correct firmware to the machine (it was running firmware 
> for a
> machine with different physical attributes) and now it seems to print 
> fine.
> I didn't have the time to properly prepare the bed though, so there was 
> some
> non-adhesion, but the giant spool of filament is hooked up and it's 
> ready to
> go.
> cura-lulzbot slicer is installed on the computer there, and "sudoroom 
> white
> ABS" filament is defined and should work.  Pronterface (red icon) is 
> the
> program to use to drive the printer and run the gcode generated by 
> cura.
> don't do the SD card thing, it won't work and is terrible.
> https://sudoroom.org/wiki/TAZ
> -jake
> On Thu, 1 Feb 2018, Paul Orozco wrote:
>> So I'm coming across something else that's weird. It's superextruding 
>> on
>> the left side of a calibration cube... Thought I'd share with you. Any
>> ideas?
>> On Jan 29, 2018 00:51, "Jake" <jake at spaz.org> wrote:
>>> that's great that you got it working! which filament were you using? 
>>> we
>>> have a
>>> large spool of white ABS but the spool came apart.  if we fix the 
>>> spool and
>>> dust it off, it's still good.
>>> the hard part of using big spools of filament is making sure that the
>>> printer
>>> has a straight path to pull from the spool, and the spool can rotate
>>> freely.
>>> i can help with this on Tuesday.  we already have so much filament, i 
>>> don't
>>> want to buy more yet.
>>> -Jake
>>> On Mon, 29 Jan 2018, Paul Orozco wrote:
>>> Jake,
>>>> I actually just got it working. I figured I’d just download the 
>>>> slicer
>>>> and slice it on my computer and load it up to the SD card. I started 
>>>> a
>>>> print but the filament snapped. I guessed that’d happen like it did 
>>>> with my
>>>> other old filaments. It’s just something that happens. Want to go in 
>>>> on
>>>> some filament or IDRK? How should we go about that? I mainly have 
>>>> 1.75 at
>>>> my home.
>>>> Paul Orozco
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>>>> Jake,
>>>> Hello, thanks for the replay. I do have experience with stuff like 
>>>> that.
>>>> I actually have experience with stuff like that. I have my own 
>>>> shitty
>>>> printer that’s a Tevo Tarantula; that one runs on Marlin (I think I
>>>> recently uploaded 1.1.4). I’m still upgrading it though 
>>>> mechanically. I
>>>> usually use Cura 3.1.0 for my slicer and have the usual Tarantula 
>>>> slicer
>>>> for that. I also previously had an Anet A8 but that one was breaking 
>>>> down
>>>> so often I ended up getting the Tarantula and sold my old one to a 
>>>> friend.
>>>> I’ve heard different things about it including that it’s still 
>>>> broken or
>>>> it’s fixed. Use the computer with a direct link instead of using the 
>>>> SD
>>>> card. I was just looking for some kind of clarification. What kind 
>>>> of
>>>> software you guys use to slice and all that good stuff.
>>>> Thanks again,
>>>> Paul Orozco
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>>>> Hi Paul,
>>>> i'm happy to report that the nozzle heater resistor was recently
>>>> replaced, so
>>>> as far as i know there is nothing wrong with the printer except that 
>>>> it
>>>> hasn't
>>>> been used in a long time, so there's probably a lot of dust on the
>>>> filament and
>>>> the print bed, and maybe the nozzle is clogged.
>>>> do you have experience using a 3D printer like ours, which is a TAZ 
>>>> 3
>>>> running
>>>> Marlin firmware?  I'm guessing it will take a little bit of fiddling 
>>>> to
>>>> get the
>>>> first prints to come out well.
>>>> I'll be hosting Hardware Hacking Tuesday this week at 7PM and you're
>>>> welcome to
>>>> come then and try to use the 3D printer.  I can help a little bit 
>>>> while
>>>> you're
>>>> working on it, and there may be others who can help as well.
>>>> -jake
>>>> On Sat, 27 Jan 2018, Paul Orozco wrote:
>>>> Hello everyone,
>>>>> I'm a little new and I'm just wondering what's the status of the 3D
>>>>> Printer
>>>>> over here. I've heard it's broken right now, so I'm wondering what 
>>>>> it'll
>>>>> take to fix it and be able to use it.
>>>>> Paul Orozco
>>>>> Cell: (916)337-7101
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