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Yardena Cohen yardenack at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 10:00:38 PST 2018

Do we want to do this? I'm not even sure who would sign their form.

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My name is Frank and I'm a senior producer for Vox's new series of
explainers for Netflix.

I'm coming to San Francisco Tuesday evening to shoot an interview with
Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin for our episode about
cryptocurrencies early next week.

I'm looking for spaces where we could shoot and Jackson suggested that
I reach out to hackerspaces in the area. Sudo Room looks especially
cool and I would love to shoot there!

We would need Sudo Room to sign a location release allowing it to
appear on Netflix, which I attached to this email for you to review. I
would also need relative quiet during the shoot.

I apologize about the short notice, but if these conditions don't
sound to onerous, I would be thrilled to interview Jackson in such an
awesome setting.
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