[sudo-discuss] keeping a table clean at sudoroom

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Mar 7 02:46:39 PST 2018

Hi Steve,

I left a note Monday night on the table nearest the fridge, politely asking you
to clean up the table you've been using regularly.  I left my email address in
case you wanted to discuss things with me.

Instead of cleaning up the table, you wrote a rude response on the same piece
of paper addressed to me.

That table was covered in disgusting spilled coffee and tobacco and bits of
garbage, a dead car battery, and various other random items.  I put things away
and threw out the garbage, and I cleaned the table with water and paper towels,
and I left a note addressed to anyone who uses the table to keep it clear.

Sudoroom has had problems in the past with people "camping out" or creating
"man caves" at their favorite spot, and unfortunately treating part of sudoroom
as their living room or bedroom.  This is not something I like to see, and I
hope you understand when I ask you specifically not to do this anymore.

If your activities in sudoroom are messy and involve spills or dirt on a table,
please clean up the table after you're done and throw away your trash.

And please don't leave any of your personal items on the tables at sudoroom.

I hope this will not continue to be a problem.

thank you,

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