[sudo-discuss] Steve causing problems at omni/sudoroom

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri Mar 9 14:59:27 PST 2018

I am not there but I hear from Rayc that Steve Leach is causing problems by
verbally attacking Rayc for moving a table in sudoroom.

Steve is calling it "his" table.  And wouldn't stop yelling at Rayc even when
Max from Phat Beets asked him to stop interrupting their meeting (Rayc had
taken the table to the 48th street doors sidewalk area)

I had a disappointing interaction with Steve earlier this week when he rejected
my request to clean up the table he had been treating like his living room, but
I didn't realize that he also has a history of blowing up on people and
disrupting meetings, and now verbally attacking my friend.

I would like to ask Steve to take some time away from Omni and Sudoroom and/or
engage in mediation with me, and probably also with Rayc who has been attacked
in the past and doesn't deserve to be stressed out like this at Omni.


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