[sudo-discuss] Incident with Steeve of Sudoroom.

Steve Leach stevenaleach at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 16:09:54 PST 2018

To the group as a whole, I apologizing for causing Robert stress, I did
yell at him outside the Omni, though only with the intent of re-expressing
something that I had expressed the previous day in a more clear and
somewhat comedic manner. It seemed that perhaps with his high energy level,
my normal tone the previous day had not registered because I hadn't
bothered to sound upset. So today I intentionally let him know that I was
upset. Now - the issue at hand is something I set myself up for: most
nights, especially when it is raining, I have made it a habit of leaving my
laptop in a basket under a table at the front. There's no pressing reason
to leave it there - my little abode is waterproof and lockable, but not
while I am asleep, and the unlikely scenario of someone opening the door
while I'm unconscious and managing to walk off with my irreplaceable gear
means I've felt safer leaving it semi-secured inside the building rather
than with me at night. Two days in a row, however, I found the basket with
my laptop bag sitting forlorn and alone in the middle of the floor in the
general 'donataions/hack-this' zone where I couldn't blame anyone if they
would have come before me and adopted it. I grumbled good naturedly at
Robert yesterday, just to point out the situation that resulted when the
table went away and suggested he should have taken the other table of the
pair -- or move the basket under the remaining table instead.  Today, I
found the same scenario repeated and decided to actually show that I was
upset. If this apparently frightened or caused stress to Robert, I'm sorry
- that was neither my intention nor at all expected. I just chose to be a
little more theatrical and high energy in communicating with a boisterous
high energy individual who had disregarded my previous attempts at
communication. That he apparently mistook this as threatening is
unfortunate and unexpected - again, I was just trying to more match his
normal energy level and boisterousness since my more flat and
matter-of-fact communication previously had not worked. Again, sorry to all
for causing any unneeded chaos, and in the future I will avoid the problem
by simply keeping my laptop with me at night and therefore not having to
worry about it.
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