[sudo-discuss] Fwd: urgent call to action from The Village!!!! please share with your networks!

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Wed Mar 14 15:06:21 PDT 2018

The Village has been informed that their first site is slated for seismic
retrofit of the overpass their camp is under, requiring the area to be
cleared by November. They are demanding the city find 4 new parcels for
Villages. They're having a press conference on Friday and requesting
endorsements from organizations - please check with your collectives and
reply to this thread if you choose to support. Will discuss at Delegates
Meeting tmrw.


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Date: Mar 8, 2018 23:54
Subject: urgent call to action from The Village!!!! please share with your
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greeting friends, family, allies, and supporters.

as you may know, The Village in Oakland was granted the land at e 12th and
23rd ave on oct 5, 2017 to manage an autonomous, community led program of
temporary emergency housing and services for the duration of the shelter
crisis declaration - which  we estimate will be at least 6 years if not

but in usual undermining form, the city is now forcing us to move off the
land by this november 2018 because cal trans and dept of transportation
will be demolishing the overpass that spans across the western side of the
parcel. according to the dept of transporation, this plan has been on the
books for the past 10 years

due to their total incompetence, we are negotiating for four new parcels of
land with the CIty Administration. And we will continue to build homes and
fill this current parcel up because  1. people needs homes and 2. all our
homes are designed to be forklifted. so once the city offers us new parcels
of lands that we can keep for the span of the shelter crisis declaration,
we will forklift them to those lands

also -  two of our village leaders and residents were arrested for assault
and battery two weeks ago when they were defending themselves and the
encampment from a known predator. please read the attached statement from
the village and our legal team lead by attorney Walter Riley.

we are asking that those of you with an organization, faith based
institution or coalition etc please sign on to this statement as endorsers.
please contact me to let me know if your group will endorse us.

also, we be having a press conference and rally on the day the trial starts
Friday, March 16th 8:00 am in front of wiley manuel courthouse on
washington and 7th

its unbelieveable how much ill will, obstruction and attempted destruction
the city administration engages in to keep us from simply helping our most
vulnerable neighbors.

lets get homes for all,
- needa
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