[sudo-discuss] Intercom Mod Job for Hardware Hacker

Jason Eads ksaturn at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 00:15:57 PDT 2018

Looking for someone interested in doing a paid hardware job in Palo Alto on
short notice.

Job Description:
There is an old (1996) intercom system in our building. When someone
presses my apartment number button at the gate, I get a "call" on a
phone-like device at home and press a button to unlock the door strike

Below is a link to the user-guide of the device:

I need to modify (rig/hack) it in such a way, that "open" button is
"pressed" automatically 3 seconds after incoming call. So that there is no
need to have person pickup the call and push the button.

The reason for that is that on certain days I need to let some people into
the building without being present there. So ideally I'd like this rig to
only work during certain windows (which I program manually) and not 24/7.
I'll provide more detail on how it should operate.
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