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this may be relevant to some of your interests!

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Hi all,

I am leading a community submersible project and think//hope some of you
will be interested in joining up the efforts! The idea is to make it
available for everyone to use after some training. Right now we need help
with fundraising to be able to make the improvements to keep everyone safe,
but we will be having work days soon and welcome everyone!

Here is a link to the fb group for it (sorry, it's just way too easy to
organize from there): https://www.facebook.com/groups/363742440772413/

Here's a link to the fundraiser: https://igg.me/at/oursub/

Hope to see you all in the deep!

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'Confusion can be a very creative state of mind; in fact, confusion can act
as a vehicle to open people's minds. The hard shell of certainty can be
shattered…' ~ David Wilson

'The fact remains that political frontiers are impervious to our verbal
cultures, while the substantially nonverbal civilization of playfulness
crosses them with the happy freedom of the wind and the clouds.' ~ Primo

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