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updated with summer 2018 cryptoparty meeting notes
'''Update August 2018: A group of sudoers recently met to discuss rebooting digital security workshops. Please [ join the mailing list] for updates and to get involved!''' Every Third Sunday of the month from 2-5pm, Sudo Room hosts an afternoon of co-learning and teaching about digital security. The driving motivation of our cryptoparties is to learn about end-user security in a fun, welcoming and inclusive environment. Popular topics include: why digital security is important; strategies for activists and journalists; encrypted email; encrypted text messaging; encrypted phone calls; encrypting your hard drive; off-the-record instant messaging; secure web browsing; mesh networks; and presentations on newer projects. All skill levels welcome - bring your phone and/or laptop!
[[File:Anonyzebra.jpg|thumb|frameless|'''Anony Zebra''', the official Cryptoparty mascot, protecting herself from [ Stripe Recognition]]]
*[[Cryptoparty/2018/June|June 2018]]
*[[Cryptoparty/2014/October|October 2014]]
*[[Cryptoparty/2014/April|April 2014]]
*[[Cryptoparty/2014/March|March 2014]]
*[[Cryptoparty/2014/February|February 2014]]
* [ EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense]
* [ EFF's Know Your Rights]
* [ Liberation Tech] ([ mailing list], [ twitter])
* [ Mozilla Security notes]
* [ Alice and Bob in Cipherspace - Fully Homomorphic Encryption]
* [ Which Countries Actively Suppress Internet Freedom?]
==Recommended Software==
'''Warning''': This table is intended as a starting point for new users. Mobile devices (iOS, Android), Web-based solutions, Pidgin, CryptoCat, and ChatSecure all have known flaws or associated risks that need to be considered.
{| class="wikitable"
! !! Android !! iOS !! Windows !! OS X !! Linux !! Cross-platform or Web |-| Email || [ K9] || ?? || [ Thunderbird+Enigmail] || [ GPGSuite] [ Thunderbird], [ Enigmail] || [ Thunderbird], [ Enigmail] || [ riseup webmail]
| Email Chat || Example [ GibberBot], [ TextSecure (sms)] || Example [ TextSecure (sms)] || Example [ ChatSecure] || Example [ Pidgin], [ Adium] || Example[ Pidgin] || [ CryptoCat]
| Chat Network Anonymity || Example [ Orbot], [ OrWeb] || Example [ Tor] || Example [ Tor] || Example [ Onion Browser] || Example[ Tor] || [ Tor]
| Network Disk Encryption || Example [ Available in 4.0+] || Example ?? || Example [ TrueCrypt] || Example [ Available in 10.7+] || Example[ LUKS] || [ SecureDrop], [ Tahoe LAFS]
| Disk Encryption Password Management || Example [ KeePassX], [ FreeOTP] || Example [ FreeOTP], [ KeePassX] || Example [ KeePassX] || Example [ KeePassX] || Example[ KeePassX] || [ KeePassX]
== Videos==
* [ Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange]
* [ How Tor Works]
* [ Udacity: Applied Cryptography (cs387)]
* [ khan academy: Journey into Cryptography]
* [ Anti-Rep workshop (1/2) - Jacob Applebaum]
* [ Anti-Rep workshop (2/2) - Jacob Applebaum]
* [ What Happened to the Crypto Dream?]
* [ The code breakers - david kahn]
* [ crypto - steven levy]
* [ the code book - simon singh]
* ['s_Egg_(book) The Cuckoo's Egg - clifford stoll (fiction)]
==Online Courses==
* [ Cryptography]
* [ Cryptography II]
* [ Securing Digital Democracy]
=Hosting A Cryptoparty=
*Cryptoparties are best when some planning takes place before. Hold a planning meeting 1-2 weeks before the event and ping the [ mailing list] to recruit folks who've expressed interest in helping out.
*There are handouts linked to above that can be printed out at sudo - they generally live in a clear document holder / trapper keeper labelled 'Cryptoparty' located in a crate of other trapper keepers on the middle shelf between the workshop and the bike station in sudo.
*Try to reach out to communities that should be using crypto and are generally not connected to the sudo room social network. Activists, journalists, immigrants + expats, POC, etc; Consider hosting the cryptoparty in an entirely different location.
*At least a week before the cryptoparty, get the word out:
**Tweet/FB posts via Sudo Room's accounts (ask Jenny for info)
**Send an announcement to the following mailing lists:
***[ sudo-discuss]
***[ cryptoparty]
***[ noisebridge-discuss]
*Come half an hour to an hour earlier to set up:
**Put the sudo room sandwich board out
**Tape up some signage on the doors if so inclined (there are some paper signs in the clear trapper keeper)
**Find a good spot for your expected # of attendees. Check with Public School; often we have split up into several working groups using different areas of the common space, sudo room proper, and the public school room.
*Starting the cryptoparty:
**Take notes on the wiki - set up a separate wiki page for that month's event [eg; /wiki/Cryptoparty/YEAR/MONTHNAME
**Allow 15-30 minutes to get to a good group size to start
**Go around the room and ask folks to introduce themselves, their level of skill w/ crypto, what they're interested in discussing or working on that afternoon.
**Create an agenda ad-hoc and split the group as needed (pairs work great for things like helping someone set up disk encryption)
**Have fun! Encourage wide-ranging discussion but step in if things start to get to technical. Keep focus on those who are newer to the topic and have specific things they want to accomplish.
=Flyers and Handouts=
* [[Security Overview]] (work in progress, don't print)
* [[Minimum Security Requirements]]
[[==Current Flyers==A flyer for hosting a cryptoparty at sudo room every "3rd Sunday":<gallery mode="nolines">File:Cryptoparty flyer.png|thumb|left|(png) A File:Cryptoparty flyer for hosting a cryptoparty at sudo room. Download [httpssvg|(svg)File://sudoroomCryptoparty flyer|(pdf)File:Cryptoparty_flyerCryptoparty flyer plain.svg source |(plain svg file].]])</gallery>==Historic Flyers==[[File:Cryptopartyinfoday.jpg|thumb|rightnone|Cryptoparty flyer.]]


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