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= Bestest Most Current Things =
[[Movement]] - a group focused around transportation projects at SudoRoom. It can be cars, it can be bikes... yeah!
[[Trains]] - because we need a wiki about trains
= Past =
[[WakeyWakey]] Learning foreign languages other stuff using voice apis
[[Wyd]] Excuse me... what are you doing? mini video project
Help with [[CyberWizardInstitute]]
[[Art]] at SudoRoom
[[CoedAlgorithms]] ''doing all we can to make algorithms beautiful and poetic instead of torturous and agonizing''

[[File:Romy Ilano, model citizen in RPS Collective t-shirt.jpg|thumb|DOGE so charm rps t-shirt hacker cool ]]
[[File:Romy Ilano, model citizen in RPS Collective t-shirt.jpg|thumb|DOGE so charm rps t-shirt hacker cool ]]
[[File:SudoRoom Robot Art Painter!.png|painting with the SudoRoom Robot arm <3 it's so good to learn from other people!]]
= Philosophy =
I go to hackerspaces to make things and hack. If I'm not hacking at a hackrrspace, I must ask myself, Why am I here?
= Events =
* [http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Bay_Area_Consortium_of_Hackerspaces/September_26_2014 BACH 2014] Bay Area consortium of Hackerspaces Meeting in October - we are all working for a more inclusive, womanly, maternal embryonic, asian cosplay, all animal friendly (bears, cats and dogs all allowed), maternal, multinational, prostratic, and roundabout creative, colorful version of the new hackerspace for '''Anyone and Everyone'''

= Projects =  
= Projects =  

== Current Projects at SudoRoom ==
== Current Projects at SudoRoom ==
* [[SudoKit]] '''Learning for everyone--not just kids but also old people, young people, even small animals!'''''inspired by a cool collage teacher met at RPS Collective, the sudoroom hackers who like to teach, learning and animasl''
* [[GameHacking]] 
* [[Today_We_Learned]] - Oct 11, 2014 - [[TWL-Games|Creating FUN Games with Open Source!]] [https://sudoroom.org/events/today-we-learned-creating-learning-games-with-belle/ Calendar link]

''Doge needs more projects!''
''Doge needs more projects!''
* [[SudoBelle]] Visual novel game, this version can be ported as html5 and played in web browsers. Will be used to get folks to learn SudoRoom, have fun, become better animals, and learn how to contribute to [[SudoMesh]] and the world

== Older Projects ==
== Older Projects ==


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