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Brother HL-2270DW

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It's a networked printer. Most operating systems will find it automatically if you're connected to any of these Omni wifi networks:* (sudomesh* sudoroom* sudoroom24g2* sudoroom2.4ghz* sudoroom5ghz* basement* , Omni Ballroom, etc). If you have trouble over the network, you can also connect by USB.
== Details ==
You can access its web interface from the sudo network:
The default user is "useradmin" and its password is "sudoroomaccess" - the admin password is kept by Yar.<br />
Original listserv announcement:
sudo ip addr add broadcast dev eth0
Then you can visit the [ settings page] in your browser and . The default auth is:  Username: admin Password: access === Fixing the settings === Tell wifi to use sudomesh:*** Wireless Network Name (SSID): sudomesh Then change the wifi TCP/IP settings:*** IP Address:** Gateway: Then make it back to something reasonableuse the wifi instead of ethernet:*** Auto Switching ( Enable Both Interfaces ) The printer will restart and the page won't reload. But now wifi should work. For some reason you can't have wifi + ethernet at the same time.

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