Okay, so next question: Romy, what are you planning to do with this knowledge? Now that I know this I want to try too.

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It has been done many times in the past. It was a lot of fun.  As a sudoroom
member you can make use of any part of the building, If it is not private space
to another organization or rented out at the time.  If you want to have an
event where you invite non-members other than specific people you choose, you
have to go through a process to reserve an event at the Omni. But if it's just
you and other members and specific friends, there's no need to discuss it.


On Tue, 30 Aug 2022, Romy Ilano via sudo-discuss wrote:

> Yeah I know there are worries it might damage the floor right? Would protective rubber
> work? Just curious 
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>       On Aug 30, 2022, at 17:23, Arthur Ulfeldt <arthur@ulfeldt.com> wrote:
>       good question ⁉️now that you mention it, I'd love to know.
> tir. 30. aug. 2022 17.14 skrev Romy Ilano via sudo-discuss
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>       Can people roller skate in the Omni ballroom
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