I'd like to help. I think that's a great idea.

In addition, though, I think it's appropriate to establish some oversight on dangerous or very expensive equipment. 

Right now, we have no system to train people on the laser cutter. I think there should be at least a voluntary training process for the laser cutter. I think a mandatory one is reasonable, but I'm not even proposing that. I'm just saying that if we have a laser cutter sitting out, it seems to be in our interest as a collective to take some responsibility for helping people use it safely.

Andrew R Gross, (he/him)
412.657.5332    -   shrad.org

On Sun, Jan 29, 2023 at 2:23 PM Jake via sudo-discuss <sudo-discuss@sudoroom.org> wrote:
It sounds like we should secure the power cord of the chiller so it can't be
accidentally unplugged.  We should also put a temperature sensor on the
coolant lines and a flow sensor, and make a lockout so that it turns off the
laser if everything is not working right (including the fan)

Who wants to help with this?  I can supply the sensors and relays etc.


On Sat, 28 Jan 2023, cc OrangeLush via sudo-discuss wrote:

> This is just a heads up about the laser cutter.  PLEASE make sure the
> chiller is operating/on when you are using the laser.  IF you do not know
> what the chiller is you SHOULD NOT be using the laser cutter.  I found the
> chiller unplugged due to something laying on the power cord causing it to
> become detached.  If we are not vigilant in the start up step of the laser
> sudoroom will not have one due to operator error. Not wanting to be a
> castigator just wanting people to know that stupid things like a badly
> placed object can be the end of great equipment.
> cc
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