So I checked and only members have access to finances? Is there anywhere else a non-member could check that info? I think it'd be interesting to have for transparency's sake.

I have a couple of ideas as well to raise money, but as Romy said, I don't have much free time, besides, as Romy mentioned several times (I love it every time I read it lol), I don't think women/nb should do this kind of work. 

BUT some simple ones would be:

- Have a permanent campaign for donations (a.k.a post on social media every once in a while), or have an epic campaign in the end of the year (Mozilla/Wikipedia style)
- I just noticed the donate page at the website has no info at all on how the money would be used. It'd be nice to add for the sake of transparency
- Have some merch (like t-shirts and tote bags at least), EFF style
- Events. I'm not planning to join any Omni Commons committee but I've always thought that ballroom space is SO little used. I've been to events over there, but literally, it could be way more often. If SudoRoom could host their own events over there it would be nice. Maybe music concerts/hackathons?

On Fri, Jul 15, 2022 at 6:42 PM romy via sudo-discuss <> wrote:
My initial thoughts are:

- A Study hall when UC Berkeley is in session, proceeds from this could be used to create a clean and beautiful living space. The coffeehouses are overflowing, their libraries are jam packed (I couldn't get into the East Asian library to check anything out and relax since it's just full of study rats).
I'm not sure how this would be managed, it's a lot of work. I don't think it's possible to get volunteers to keep the space clean enough though, it's just too hard.

- There are a number of groups who have checked out the Omni but were scared off by the consensus process, meetings and potential drama. Is there a way to get a residence lite with guarantees that nobody has to sit in on meetings? There are some people who love doing policy, so they should be able to do it, but it scares a lot of people away.

- SudoRoom - I would pay $30 extra a month if $20 of that would be pooled to hire a professional cleaner every month and do a deep clean and handle all the ewaste

We could have member run workshops on stuff like Blender, and then people who attend throw in $10 as donations.

For me personally, I love SudoRoom and the Omni but I simply don't have time to do stuff that isn't creative. That includes anything involving teaching, spending my Friday nights cleaning other people'se waste, etc, attending omni committees on women and diversity.
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