Even though I agree with the saying "trust no network", I do also agree that there should be some degree of security (or difficulty to access certain information).

The suggestion is that the WiFi password be changed every who knows when (month? two months? random?), print and place the password and its QR Code at some wall inside OC.  How to create the QRCode on Linux:
qrencode -s 9 -l H -o "OmniCommons-WiFi.png" "WIFI:S:OmniCommons;T:WPA2;P:SuperPasswordGoesHere;;"

IMHO, it will reduce the openness and make a bit more difficult to just anyone from the street scan/etc the network.
Last time I checked the OmniCommons WiFi signal reaches about half block away from the building, going north on Shattuck Ave. 


On Wed, Oct 19, 2022 at 12:43 AM Yardena Cohen via sudo-discuss <sudo-discuss@sudoroom.org> wrote:
Ok I concede that my proposal sucked, but yall were arguing against
the wrong part of it.

It's true that wpa doesn't add anything if the password is widely
known, and that it's not possible to offer a safer network which is
also freely accessible to the myriad people who use omni. So yes, my
proposal therefore creates either 1) illusory snake oil, or 2) a
tiered system where a few trusted folks have better access.

In retrospect, I really am arguing for #2, and because I didn't like
the full implications of it, I carelessly downplayed it, and should
not be surprised that people are instead arguing against the straw man
of #1. Feels shitty to be mansplained and assumed ignorant about
things I actually know a lot about, but fair enough, I walked into
that one.

But I do think that we should have that conversation about #2. Replace
"for those who want one" with "for people who we trust, who are
working hard at omni, and who are also extra sensitive to surveillance
and security culture".
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