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On Thu, Sep 29, 2022 at 7:07 PM Jake via sudo-discuss <> wrote:
last night (wednesday night) Kent and Eric and I worked for hours to clean up
and organize the space, and we cleared up the whole floor area in the southeast
corner near the telescreen.

Kent fixed a nice power supply and cleaned up the whole workbench that has the
microscopes on it, and we'll be adding more carwardine (anglepoise) lamps there.

we organized the sterilite bins on the shelves and after another round of that,
it will be time to decorate them with rainbow colors; I ordered $50 worth of
10 colors of 1" wide masking tape, and when we're done the wall will basically
be a rainbow of bins.  If anything is out of place it will be pretty obvious.

we decided that the metal sliding chair assembly under the desk in the
southwest corner is just huge and taking up space, and should be scrapped.  If
wants it please take it home, otherwise we'll get rid of it soon.

the next area to be cleaned up will be the "balcony" at the top of the stairs,
there's a lot of stuff there that needs to get put away and organized and
ewasted and i'll work on that with others, and then we can add lighting and
tables and outlets there and make it a nice place to hang out.  When the cold
weather season comes, it will be nice for people to have a place to hang out
where the temperature is naturally higher.

anyway things are happening and the space is getting nicer.  Eventually we'll
have everything off the floor and we'll be able to run a roomba full time
keeping the dust off, and Yar can finally epoxy the whole floor.

let me know if you want to help!  Or just jump in and make things better.

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