I’d really like to do  this. What would be a good time slot for this? Maybe a midday Saturday or Sunday thing?

On Tue, Aug 30, 2022 at 8:49 PM Romy Ilano via sudo-discuss <sudo-discuss@sudoroom.org> wrote:
it's like, it doesn't even have to be even anything tangible like a work project. or an art project. it can be like the old sudoroom "today I learned" meetups where we talked about what we learned that week!


FYI today i learned was never a "teaching class" like the kind they use to get funding and stuff for "teaching stem to people" from rich non profits. it was pretty authentic and people were allowed to be as weird as they anted to be. 

Maybe we can get these started again, it's a lot easier since so much is online now! 

I did one a few years ago on comics, 3d printing and the universe 


again it was NOT a teaching class to "teach STEM" 



Romy Ilano

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