Yes all the events on the calendar are still happening and they would be promptly removed if cancelled.

Plenty of other dates available if they are flexible.

I see they mention a home in SF, would be good to confirm with them that we are in Oakland

Community Liberation Programs

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Let's have them try to book, we also have to check-in with Billy about Cam Life's event October 22nd maybe! If Cam Life is planning to have that event still, then it won't workout. Otherwise these high schoolers
can have October 21st - October 23rd!

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I just sent an email to Visit asking when we could talk over the phone.

My inclination is to try to support this if possible. If anyone has relevant experience in hosting something like this, that seems like it’d be useful.

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Subject: [sudo-info] Hackathon Venue

Hello Sudo Room Team

My name is Vidit Jain, and I am currently a high school senior. Me and my
team are organizing a hackathon called Unite Hacks in San Francisco,
California, and we are partnered with Hack Club <>.

Our team consists of 6 brilliant individuals out of whom 4 are seniors at
high school and the other two are in college. We have organized some
virtual hackathons, such as Vivid Hacks <>, and
participated in numerous hackathons, such as Assemble
<>, which was also hosted by Hack Club.
However, this fall, we are inspired to host an in-person event.

Unite Hacks will bring together 60-100 high school hackers from around the
globe for a three-day mystical hackathon in San Francisco. Our goal is to
introduce students of ages 14-19 to a wide range of possibilities to create
something larger for their community with tech and code. Our 48-hour
in-person hackathon will connect students from across the world to utilize
technology and code (Of all kinds!) to create, innovate, and turn their
visions into a reality! Our projected date for the event is October 21 and
it’s expected to run for 3 days (10/21 - 10/23).

Unite Hacks needs a home in San Francisco and we were wondering if Sudo
Room could host us for a weekend (Friday 6:00 pm to 12:30 pm on Sunday) on
October 21.

We are also open for a 2 day event if that is something which can be made

We’d love the opportunity to connect and answer any questions that you may
have either through email or a call (phone or zoom). We believe that
sponsoring our event will be mutually beneficial and will not only give you
the opportunity to help us meet our goal of furthering learning, but also
to help students build impactful solutions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and we'd be more
than happy to clear any doubts!

Unite Hacks Website <>

Note: Our website is still in the works and will be completed by this week


Vidit Jain

Lead Organizer

Outreach and Marketing | Unite Hacks
San Francisco_______________________________________________
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