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#REDIRECT [[Printing]]
We currently have the following 3D printers:
*[[O:5|Type A machines Series 1]]
= Documentation =
''We currently don't have great documentation right now that covers turning on a printer, connecting it to the computer, calibration, and setting it up. We are working on that.''
== Overview ==
''Quick and dirty overview''
* Turn on the 3D Printer (switch is on the back right side)
* Make sure the 3D Printer is connected by USB to the desktop
* Start the program Repetier-Host http://www.repetier.com/documentation/repetier-host/
* Calibrate the printer
* Load your STL file (model of the 3D Printout)
* Slice the STL file into G-Code
* Print
* Post-Print - remove from the 3D printer bed with a razor
=== Leveling the print plate ===
To level the print plate using an allen wrench as a guide:
Lay the allen wrench flat on one corner of the plate.
With the machine off, drag the printer head over the long part of the wrench. The head should just barely flip the wrench up.
Repeat for the other three corners.
== Gallery of Creations ==
<gallery widths="140px" heights="140px" perrow="4">
File:Raspberrypi3dprint.jpg | RaspBerry Pi print-out
File:Sudoroom_photo.jpg | Our Office
File:3dprintng.jpg | Creation
File:Max3DPrinting.jpg | Today I Learned Class
3D_Printed_Cigar_Rocket.jpg | 3D printed 2-part rocket.  65mm max diameter, 29mm motor bay, tangent ogive curve with internal 2-way structural ribs and support for airspeed sensor pitot tube at nose.
= Older Documentation =
== Printer Calibration ==
Background: Original handwritten piece by Jae. This was the primary documentation for most of the early SudoRoom days and was writen down on a piece of paper. It's quite excellent.
<gallery widths="140px" heights="140px" perrow="4">
File:3DPrintApocryphalText1.jpg | Apocryphal Instructions page 1
File:3dPrintApocryphalText2.jpg | Apocryphal Instructions page 2
File:AncientDiagram.jpg | Close up of an ancient hand-drawn diagram by our 3D printing shepherd, Jae
[[File:3D Printing Instructions Page 1.jpg|400px|3D Printing - page 1]]

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