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#REDIRECT [[Printing]]
==Current Status==
As of 12pm on 10/31/2013, the heater in the print head is broken. Hol is taking the lead on getting a new one.
We currently have the following 3D printers:
===3D Printer - Type A Machines Series 1===
*[[O:5|Type A machines Series 1]]
===PC for 3D Printer ===
There is a Linux PC that connects to the 3D Printer. It has all the required software installed.
== Files ==
* smb://space/sudoroom public data/Projects/3DPrinting - Preferred place to store files
* Github: https://github.com/sudoroom/ComicsArtSudoRoom - same as Gittorious
* Gittorious  - same as github https://gitorious.org/sudoroom-art-projects
= Documentation =
==Documentation for Beginners==
''We currently don't have great documentation right now that covers turning on a printer, connecting it to the computer, calibration, and setting it up. We are working on that.''
'''The current documentation / comic on the printer bed calibration is also out of date, since we have a new printer bed.'''
[[User:Romyilano|Romy]] is compiling a 3D Printing for Beginners page on both SudoRoom and Noisebridge Wiki https://noisebridge.net/wiki/3DPrintBeginners
== Overview ==
''Quick and dirty overview''
* Turn on the 3D Printer (switch is on the back right side)
* Make sure the 3D Printer is connected by USB to the desktop
* Start the program Repetier-Host http://www.repetier.com/documentation/repetier-host/
* Calibrate the printer
* Load your STL file (model of the 3D Printout)
* Slice the STL file into G-Code
* Print
* Post-Print - remove from the 3D printer bed with a razor
== Gallery of Creations ==
<gallery widths="140px" heights="140px" perrow="4">
File:Raspberrypi3dprint.jpg | RaspBerry Pi print-out
File:Sudoroom_photo.jpg | Our Office
File:3dprintng.jpg | Creation
File:Max3DPrinting.jpg | Today I Learned Class
3D_Printed_Cigar_Rocket.jpg | 3D printed 2-part rocket.  65mm max diameter, 29mm motor bay, tangent ogive curve with internal 2-way structural ribs and support for airspeed sensor pitot tube at nose.
File:Type_A_cat.jpg | Cat, gears, etc
File:SudoRoom_fridge_magnets.jpg | Fridge magnets
File:Love_Magnet.jpg | Love magnet
File:Cartoon_Jam_Print_Out.jpg | cartoon in progress
File:Print_prying.jpg | prying a print off the bed
File:Cartoon_face.jpg | Cartoon face
File:Model_airplane.jpg | Model airplane from thingiverse
== Software ==
Software installed on the Linux PC connected to the printer
* [http://slic3r.org/ slic3r]
* [https://github.com/kliment/Printrun Printrun git repository]
Still looking for a good user guide/tutorial on Pronterface
== More on Type A Machines 3D Printer ==
Here are a few links on how to operate and maintain the printer
* [http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0223/2361/files/Series12013StandardUserManualV1_6.pdf?6262 User Manual]
* [http://support.typeamachines.com/hc/en-us Type A Machines Support Page] has lots of info on how to use and repair the printer.
* [http://support.typeamachines.com/hc/en-us/articles/200213410-Replacing-the-Blue-Tape-on-the-Build-Surface Replacing the blue tape build surface]
* [http://support.typeamachines.com/hc/en-us/articles/200022919-Cleaning-out-a-Filament-Jam Cleaning out a filament jam]
* [http://forum.typeamachines.com/index.php Online Forum]
= Older Documentation =
== Printer Calibration ==
Background: Original handwritten piece by Jae. This was the primary documentation for most of the early SudoRoom days and was writen down on a piece of paper. It's quite excellent.
<gallery widths="140px" heights="140px" perrow="4">
File:3DPrintApocryphalText1.jpg | Apocryphal Instructions page 1
File:3dPrintApocryphalText2.jpg | Apocryphal Instructions page 2
File:AncientDiagram.jpg | Close up of an ancient hand-drawn diagram by our 3D printing shepherd, Jae
[[File:3D Printing Instructions Page 1.jpg|400px|3D Printing - page 1]]
==Fun Projects==
These are humorous one off projects started for various purposes. Sometimes I think these wiki pages need a little non mean spirited humor.
==='''[[3D Printer Dear Diary]]''' ===
* This was a humorous attempt at creating a personal teen diary for the 3D printer in hopes that more people would get engaged and participate. It didn't work. I hope I didn't offend anyone by suggesting our type a machine is a brony.

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