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'''4.''' 8:20pm:  
'''4.''' 8:20pm:  

'''5.''' 8:30pm: [[User:RomyIlano|Romy]] Noob adventures in Animation
'''5.''' 8:30pm: [[User:Romyilano|Romy]] my noob adventures in Animation

'''6.''' 8:40pm:  
'''6.''' 8:40pm:  

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Put your name and title of your presentation - additionally a link if anyone wants to learn more.

Please feel free to email (info@sudoroom.org) if you have questions or concerns about this event or 5MoF in general.

1. 7:30pm:

2. 7:40pm:

3. 7:50pm: tunabananas - How to Buy a Building - and keep it radical! - You've got a solid community, but how does one catalyze excited newbie energy / burnt out founders / confused in-betweens into the kind of productivity needed to acquire and maintain a multi-use space when moving from DIY -> DIT -> WE GONNA OWN THIS BUILDING OMG WTF?!?

8pm INTERMISSION (5 mins): 10 minute break (announced as a 5 minute break so we actually stay on time)

8:10 pm: Three-minute explanation of sudo room and the Omni. Donation hat passed around. New members encouraged to sign up right then and there.

8:12 pm: 10x 30 second announcements (no computer hookup allowed, no need to book these in advance)

4. 8:20pm:

5. 8:30pm: Romy my noob adventures in Animation

6. 8:40pm:

8:50 pm: Announce https://pad.riseup/p/sudoride for letting people ride-share back home.

8:51 pm: Social hangouts and tour of omni for new folk.

10:00 pm: Cleanup of food, chairs, etc. and moving folks to sudo room for continued hacking/socializing.