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Readily hackable power supplies, 3.3v, 5v, +/-12v.

Minimum steps to power up a PSU Jump the Green (Power On) wire to a Black (ground) wire.

To indicate power on state, connect LED with resistor to Grey and Black.

Units contain a typically variable speed cooling fan. Standard PC cable power port. Some units have power switch on back, some have on indicator LED as well. Usually a switch for 120v/240v supplies. Generally requires at least one external load drawing current to power on.

General Wire color coding:

Black = Ground Orange = 3.3v Max 10A 33w Red = 5v Max 20A 100w Purple = 5v (standby) Yellow = 12v Max 12A 144w Blue = -12v Shared with 12v+

Green = Power On Grey = Power OK