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Biotech Lab-on-a-Desk


Basic Hardware being worked on:

Core equipment:

Open PCR - with a low target price

Gel Box - 120 Volts with amps upto 400 milliamps, imaging possible using a webcam or cell phone

Incubator - Foam box with plexiglass hood and incubator (airflow is important possibly just a little hole, possibly Kombucha style with paper towel top)

Centrifuge - centrifuge (based on the dremelfuge idea of utilizing commercially available equipment)

Our current idea is to us a modular design which would allow the use of one standardized power unit and possibly CPU

Additional Hardware Project Wish list:

Sterlization Hood

Mini Fridge



Currently discussing a possible open source automation OS for all the modules but still at a very early stage, Marc is has an open source LIMBS system he's developing which may be adoptable.