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There's a public school modern dance session with a smart, perceptive teacher. She comes in Sundays and I sat in on a dance class with her.

There are LED electronics.

There is an experimental sound meet-up.

Let's mix it up!

Anti-Patterns You can do this stuff, there are no rules, and I'm sure some people will try to be wise guys. But like the idea of letting random people sleep at Noisebridge, massive boringness will occur. Your eyes will glaze over. People will fall asleep and become disengaged. There will be girls pretending to be nerds just because they wear glasses.

Pulling in too many readymade projects made by other people in a way that inhibits the creativity of the group

Involving a professional dance troupe ( too often they're just interested in promoting themselves instead of creatively interacting with the artists)

turning this into a free PR event for a Palo Alto start-up who doesn't given back to the community

Involving any corporate fitness "movements" like Zumba, etc

Turning this into a media event with lots of speakers and nobody doing anything

Pulling in a commercial company to show off their existing LED product

Showcasing platforms from major corporations and pitting them against each other (oh Android is so much more open source than apple even though android isn't open source deep down inside!) There's a time and place

for that and that is corporate trade shows like CES