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There's a public school modern dance session with a smart, perceptive teacher. She comes in Sundays and I sat in on a dance class with her. Damn! that chick is so cool. She destroys every negative stereotype about dancers. She was into exploring bones and bone structure in her dance lesson, and was all about body awareness. All the guys in her class were so open-minded and neat. An all male dance troupe of guys that dances totally better than all the women! men putting their bodies on display! the gender bending implications and innovation are endless! A dancer focused on anatomy! ah yeah!

There are LED electronics. Lots of smart people and free open-source kits and ideas. Let's get those people involved! Do those guys (mostly men) ever do stuff except sit at their computer and get bad posture? we have to get them dancing somehow. Sitting is the new smoking you know.

There is an experimental sound meet-up with smart people. They actually hack on stuff instead of just showcasing company's software. Let's see their work! They tend to draw introverts who are quiet. It would be cool having them hang around extroverts and attention-seekers (like drag queens and dancers), let's get that energy up.

Let's mix it up!

Battle Plan

  • Reach out to the dancers to see if they are actually interested in doing this
  • Reach out to the sound guys to see if they are actually that into it
  • Reach out to LED hackers to see if they are into it
  • Let people express themselves (seek happy patterns and avoid anti patterns)
  • Make sure everyone gets along but don't avoid conflict too much (or we'll become like the California death cult leader Sal from The Beach)
  • Make sudo room feel that we aren't violating sudo room
  • Put on a live performance

Happy Patterns

People hacking things, nobody having to listen to a speaker for too long

Dancers speaking one on one with the LED people on interesting things they'd like to do

Experimental sound people showing dancers how sound works

Little kids learning electronics

People promoting extremely local Oakland warehouse events on mailing lists that aren't run by a start-up



Connecting people who wouldn't normally hang out with each other

A measure of recognition for the musicians, hackers, and dancers in a way that doesn't sound like an infomercial blurb I'm sure some smartass will try to tease us about this though

Some kind of funny satiricial take on a corporate "fitness movement" with a mock infomercial on how $9.99 a month on our sudo room hack site will bring them love, bromance, perfection and career success. I'm sure someone has the will, the way?

A mock religious cult with its own scriptures and food (hey ice cream man!) focused around the worship of creativity

A Mexican drag queen. It's not complete until we bring the drag queens.

Some kind of big rant that disrupts everything where an engineer starts shouting that marketing is nothing, engineering is everything, and then there is a loud clap of thunder and lightning and it pours rain (without destroying the electronics)

Lots of activity and movement so that it's all busy and people don't have enough time to start quarreling about who gets to be in the spotlight

People cultivating the act of having fun, people having a mind of their own and saying things like "I don't like social networks or tweeting", things that would get them fired in a mainstream corporate environment

A safe space for people to say that they just aren't that into capitalism or ayn rand, but also a safe space for ayn randers

People doing things and being skeptical of readymade kits

People openly making fun of tech tools and social networks but then not being mean about it

Multicultural explorations of Mexican and latin american culture that extend beyond pimping the local burrito shop (or even a discussion of why burritos aren't even Mexican anyway but an American fabrication) - a dance around chocolate tamales from the Yucatan! or the mexican sound of mexico city which includes techno and people wearing tight black pants.

Involving some kind of extremely conservative person in a way that is useful and fun. I don't know how your'e going to pull this off but it would be really interesting!

Bringing in the 3D printing so long as it's made by someone from the Sudo room and isn't a publicity stunt. You know what I mean.


You can do this stuff, there are no rules, and I'm sure some people will try to be wise guys. But like the idea of letting random people sleep at Noisebridge, break these anti patterns and massive boringness will occur. Your eyes will glaze over. People will fall asleep and become disengaged. It will stop being sudo room and become like so many other soulless, empty "tech" events that we encounter in Silicon Valley.

Pulling in too many readymade projects with readymade ideas made by other people in a way that inhibits the creativity of the group.

Involving a professional dance troupe ( too often they're just interested in promoting themselves instead of creatively interacting with the artists)

turning this into a free PR event for a Palo Alto start-up... I've seen this happen a lot. They show up, try to co-opt the excitement, promote their "fitness" start-up, then vanish later on like a bad one-night stand. Will they still be there tomorrow when we need our wires fixed?

Showcasing platforms from major corporations and pitting them against each other (oh Android is so much more open source than apple even though android isn't open source deep down inside!) There's a time and place for that and that is corporate trade shows like CES

Lacking passion, zest, not caring, not getting riled up or mad about anything

Turning the event into an opportunity for someone to make their career as a "thought leader" (yuck, i will give you empiricial evidence on why that is a path to faiure and disappointment)

Involving major league sports. I know someone will do it, but major league sports has a time and a place. they can't go around pretending their indie and full of zest anymore. they are getting multibillion $ contracts. their athletes aren't allowed to even acknowledge that they drink water. you can't do both--you'll be like a rich nyc art school kid slumming it up in the crackhouse. it's too hard. let it be. they are very good at what they do (big corporate events for the mass market). their games are fun though!

some kind of corporate sponsor showing up and then a lot of people having to pretend they like sugar water instead of real water. shouldn't the product speak for itself? people don't pretend to like apple products. people don't pretend to be into belgian beer. just work on your product. paying people to pretend they like stuff is self defeting.