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This is the project page for Education-related activities at Sudo Room. Please feel free to add ongoing activities, meetings, readings, groups working in similar areas, and any other ideas.

Local Relevant Organizations:

One Laptop Per Child - San Francisco

Partimus - providing computers and Free Software system administration support to several San Francisco Bay Area schools.'s skills
Mouse Squad - teaches students how to act as tech support for their own school.
OTX West provides Pentium 3 & 4 computers with Windows XP Professional to any Oakland students in grades 6-12. To earn a computer, the student and parent/adult must register and attend a 3 hour THCP class. Classes are held at OTX-West at least twice per month from 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm, usually on a Thursday or a Saturday 9am-12pm. Classes start promptly so please arrive early.

Reading Materials

A more kid centric sudo room