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Thanks for your interest in Sudo Room!

What is Sudoroom?

We're a free & open community space for hackers, artists, activists and YOU!

What's a hackerspace?

Watch this KQED Video Open Source Creativity: Hackerspaces:

"It's not easy to say what a hackerspace is exactly. You know it when you're in one, but they're all unique because people are so unique."
—Mitch Altman of Noisebridge

What does "sudo" mean?

Sudo is a software command that stands for "super user do". It's pronounced "sue-dough" or "sue-due".

How do I become a member?

  1. Introduce yourself in person or on the mailing list or at a meeting
  2. Pay some dues or do some work like cleaning, etc
  3. Create a wiki user page or email some contact info to info@sudoroom.org
  4. Wait a short while
  5. Poof! You're a member!

Existing members can block you if they know you to be a violent, malicious or otherwise problematic person, but this is rare.

What does membership mean?

It means you can vote in consensus decisions, you have your own access code, and you can be alone in the space.

What's your legal structure?

It's still evolving. Here's some history: