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If you are not familiar with 3D fractals, a phenomenon that just emerged around 2009, first take a look at these examples:

  • And here is a [1] of static images I collected that reflect 3D fractals in forms that could potentially be printed.

A Start-up idea I've been thinking about:

  • Create an online interface that allows people to alter and customize fractal geometry within printable parameters.
    • Remove friction for people who don't know CAD/3D or 3D fractal software.
      • Just a few simple sliders that actually modify fractal geometry, not simply bend and stretch like normal 3D design modulations.
    • Would have to design new software that merges CAD with 3D fractal generation
      • Mandelbulber
      • Incendia
      • Mandelbulb 3D
    • See this start-up, which got $1.4million in seed funding to make customizable dolls, for example of such a simplified interface:

Now, after viewing the [2] linked above, imagine all of the below products available with full customization through easy online interface.

Such as modifiable, personalizable

  • chess pieces (on a fractal-ish chessboard?)


  • Jewelry (can print in precious metals or affordable biopolymers)
  • jewelry boxes/small chests
  • 3d fractal jigsaw puzzle
  • computer/ipod/device casings
  • key chains
  • lighter holders
  • lampshades (transparent materials) home and commercial (restaurants, hotels, office)
  • chandeliers
  • Instruments
    • 3D fractal didgereedoos, flutes
  • candle sticks and holders
  • decorative bowls
  • vases
  • plant pots (match planter containers to the fractal geometry of the particular plants they will hold)
  • terrariums with transparent materials
  • art sculptures
    • LED-lit transparent fractal contours would make awesome pins, hats, trip toys, sculptures, etc.
      • 3D fractal prisms
    • wind ornaments, pinwheels (like those spiral and helix shapes)
    • multicolor UV fluorescent (can make with ZPrinter)
    • modular parts for large scale geometries (repeating fractals like webs)
    • large event speakers and small home or portable speaker additions
    • cars
      • hubcaps
      • spoilers
      • art-car projects
    • bicycle extensions
    • decorative bookshelf additions
    • Furniture
      • chairs (pod-like, rock-like, etc)
      • coffee tables
      • bed frames
    • monitor/flatscreen tv frames $$
    • picture/mirror frames $$
    • house extensions (modular parts)
      • entrance frames, window trim, eventually larger ornate entrance-ways