Giant robot arm

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Yaskawa Motoman K10S

robot in sudoroom
humans bringing the robot to sudoroom
as it was found

an image describing the six axes of a six-axis robot robot homed position pose

You can even make the robot arm paint for you!

where did it come from and why is it here?

the robot was sold to sudoroom for scrap for $200, and it's here because it's awesome

software for communicating with the robot from a regular computer


enabling relative job function and the communications option

Ben says:

"If I remember, press OP2, enter the magic code 24.#4.#2 then set these:

set SD079 to 1 for relative job (x,y,z coordinates)

set SD110 to 1 for data communication (remote mode)

and reboot the robot."

hardware used to get it to even turn on without errors

Electrical components



Coordinate conversion and 3d model

Cool Projects

Drawing with the Robot Arm Project

Substack and Jake went ahead and hacked the robot (see the blog post ). now you can upload simple drawings and get it to draw for you.

painting with the SudoRoom Robot arm <3 it's so good to learn from other people!

15:25 <@Rab> No small matter unfortunately, unless you get really imaginative on the CAM side and utilitize the robot's axes of movement in very simple ways. 15:27 <@Rab> I think it'll probably need to be somebody's brilliant custom CAM because open-sores CAM is pretty seriously limited, and more than 3-axis commercial CAM is insanely expensive. 15:28 <@Rab> PyCAM might be a start, that's what I'll use if I do anything 3D. 15:38 <@Rab> Autodesk Fusion 360 includes Autodesk's 3+2 CAM, which is probably the best and most usable CAM you'll find anywhere for zero dollars. But fuck that proprietary cloud shit. 15:42 <@Rab> CAM is one of those software applications which is so hard, anybody skilled enough to do it right also wants to get paid. That's a direct challenge to Sudo Room BTW. 15:45 <@Rab> You could join ##linuxcnc on feenode and see if anybody has any ideas.