Hacking Sexual Health

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Welcome to the Hacking Sexual Health portal!

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Beautiful, hand-sewn pad!

This page is dedicated toward workshops, experiments, and any other fascinating projects revolving around the idea of hacking sexual health, sex(uality) and gender. How you define these things is yours to develop and evolve. The greater intention of our hosting events around these topics is to bring them to the forefront and together discover how though our common creativity we can make Sudo Room a more sex-positive and gender-inclusive community.


Hard at work!

DIY Cloth Menstrual Pads Workshop

Saturday, May 4th, 2013: 2p-?? NO EXPERIENCE OR ABILITY TO MENSTRUATE NECESSARY! Come learn how to make beautiful and practical cloth pads out of old clothing! Materials will be provided, but if you want, you can bring old ripped-up clothing (preferrably soft, natural fibers), needles, thread, snaps or buttons. This workshop is intended for people who menstruate and for people who have friends who menstruate (and want to make them lovely presents). We will also go over a dizzying array of cool lady products beyond the cloth pad, and have fun cost-comparisons of different options.

Bike Smut screening

Friday, May 17th, 2013
Sudo Room common room
2141 Broadway
Doors at 8:22, Screening at 9:07

Bike Smut asks for sex without shame and transportation without homogeny. It explores radical politics while remaining approachable and fun. Bike Smut believes in the importance of bringing communities together to redefine obscenity by creating a consensual space where different interpretations of obscenity can be watched and discussed. It is a joyous exploration into two integral parts of a quality human life. This was the final screening of Bike Smut's 6th year of programming, ["Turning TriXXX"]

Sponsors include:

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Ideas and Leads for Future Events

Masturbation Liberation

Teledildonics and DIY Sex Tech

Light-interactive teledildonics?
Yet another strange creature to be birthed out of the Dongiverse!

Fascinating Friday Films

Let's include in this weekly event mind-expanding movies on the realm of sex and sexuality.

Interactive Pheromone Station

Based off the old Exploratorium installation titled "The Olfaction of Attraction", explorers had access to little squeeze bottles with human pheromones in them. Depending on one's genes and gender, one may find the smell either repulsive or attractive. It's fantastic seeing two people, one with a look of disgust and the other with a pleased smile, trying to reconcile their different perceptions.

"Quantified Sex" Experiments

Heart rate monitors, skin flushing, eeg, etc.

  • This relates to Ned and Maggie Mayhem of [1]: "PSIgasm was conceived in 2010 by an HIV prevention specialist and an experimental physicist, both of whom moonlight as queer porn performers and are active in the Bay Area sex positive scene. The project revolves around measurement devices that can be used as sex toys, simultaneously getting people off and monitoring physiological responses correlated with arousal and orgasm."
    Let's start a high end condom fashion line!


Genitalia, yay!

Sex Toy Repair Workshop


Sex Toy Construction/Modding Workshop

ex. http://www.tbbbb.com/radio_controlled_vibrator.html


Community Infrastructure

How do we make the hackerspace a more inclusive space for people of all intersections of human sexuality?

  • Vicky is committed to making sure that women's and shared-gender bathrooms are fully stocked with menstrual products. She adds stuff on occasion from her bulk stockpile, but isn't always able to get to Sudo Room. Will you help her and add to the pile?
  • Let's create a sexual health box, including menstrual and safe sex products and information. Thinking in terms of the analog world and how people interact within it is really important!
    Safe sex can be cute and funny and weird and colorful!

Resources and People to Connect With

  • Good Vibes. OH WAIT, Vicky knows Joani Blank, the founder!
  • Feelmore 510 - gallery and sex shop, also run Fresh Fridays at The New Parkway (selection of films from the erotic, pornographic, thoughtful and beyond)
  • FemSexComm/FemSex
  • Arse Electronika
  • Slashdong: Kyle Machulis is a whip-smart brash software engineer who, on the side, blogs about teleldildonics (using haptic and telecommunications technology to facilitate long-distance sex), DIY sex toys, and other mash-ups of sex and tech. He's really fun.
  • The Archaeology of Vice. Kari Jones and Liz Clevinger work in the archaeology programs at the Presidio of San Francisco. Among the things unearthed? Well, the archeological record suggests that, shockingly, soldiers stationed there liked sex, based on the wide range of vintage porn, prophylactics, and medically-dubious STD cures dug up in the Presidio."

And always remember...

The Clitoris is a direct line to the Matrix.
Otaku girlfriends may also be a direct line to the Matrix.

Photographs from the Workshop

Today I learned - making menstrual pads
Today I learned - making menstrual pads

Today I learned - making menstrual pads
Today I learned - making menstrual pads