Hacklab Belgrade 2013 Report

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On 9 eFebruary 2013 your journalist visited Hacklab Belgrade with the intention of understanding sudo room in greater context. Here are some findings.

Hacklab Belgrade is relatively small in populace, area, and aspiration, but remarkably solid and cohesive in spite of - or because of - it's targeted scope.


Existing not in commercial space at all, but a donated first-floor apartment, Hacklab, if used for it's orginal intention, would be warming, showering, and dishwashing the everyday lives of at most 2 Serbian citizens. As it is, living room and bedroom house the main hack area which when I arrived was the combined chamber 6 serbs attending the the weekly python workshop run by Macedonian.


I went to see a screening of TPB AFK.

COQ- 6 times as slow.

No memembership. schedule

Payment, money.