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3D Printing an MRI at SudoRoom Project

Most people complete initial starter projects with 3D Printing and then never touch stuff again.

As with software engineering, it is always best to learn how to do stuff that you are emotionally involved in. Who isn't interested in their MRIs? If not their own, their relative's MRIs. While making 3D printouts from MRIs is challenging,

3D Printing is so cool it's always distracting

3D Printing is one of those endeavors where people tend to spend too much time surfing the web for neat projects. There are so many interesting stories out there, and I notice that compared to other projects this is one to hose where people get wrapped up in surfing the web the most. The 3D modelling software is the most time consuming and although easy, it's very easy to get distracted, especially if you are just here on your free time.


Download Software

Folks working on this: Romy Tracy