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Attendees: Len, Sam, Bill, Jae, Marty, Ryan, CuriousJohn, Eddan.com, Ishan, Daniel, Xavier, Troy, Dennis, Andrew, Tom, Anthony R, Naomi, Jordan, Jenny, Red, Anthony D, Marina, Julien, Matt

map live @ http://www.metamaps.cc/maps/203



  • Inclusivity/Onboarding: You are the ambassador
  • Internet & servers & systems
  • Door & access
  • Kopimism
  • Morning math
    • Tues / Thurs 8-9:30am
  • Morning code
    • Mon / Wed 8-9:30am
  • Friday Filosophy
  • Oakland wiki:
    • Sat. 2/16 1-5PM Intentional Communities-themed (ecovillages, communes, cohousing, co-ops) editathon at Swan's Market, a local cohousing community (contact Vicky, Julio, Diana, or Marina for more info)
  • Radio
    • Meeting
    • LIST: sudo-radio@lists.sudoroom.org (not up yet)
  • 510pen
  • IRC
  • Biohackers - Meet up and Open Source Bioengineering lab update
  • Hacker Happy Hour
    • Does anyone want to host one on Friday the 15th? (see Andrew after meeting)
    • Tech Liminal housewarming this Friday @ 555 12th St #110
  • new shelves!


Fiscal Solvency

amendments to the compact

Discussion items + overflow

conflict resolution

Post-Meeting Meetups!

  • Anthony / Metal Printing
  • Sudo Radio
  • Big Data, AI, and data presentation - post here if interested, email list
  • Open source/linux - post here if interested
  • More Internet
  • CRF (crypto rights foundation)